Who we are

Perceptionscape is a venture of Stewart Leech providing graphic design and website creation services for small to medium sized business. It is also a platform to showcase and offer creative consultancy services for the generation of ideas for inventions and new or alternative products.

We build websites that are usable for clients to publicize their products and services to reach a wider customer base, either from a local reach through to a national or even international readership.

Websites created can host media such as Youtube videos and social media including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For those wanting to sell products from their site, payment processors can be integrated to enable orders and payments to be taken online. This can greatly streamline the order fulfillment process from the initial order through to delivery of goods or services.

Stewart has qualifications of BTEC ND and BA(hons) in Graphic Design and has been working in the creative industry for over 15 years! Has produced many websites and general design work over the years including national magazines, newspaper advertisements, business identities and supplementary marketing material for various businesses.

Stewart has interests in aerospace and environmental technology and enjoys creating his own solutions to some of the challenges present in those industries.


We strive to always provide the best service we can and work closely with our clients to achieve this. The work we produce is made to exacting standards with attention to detail together with adherence to fundamental design principles.


We seek to continue to grow as a creative as so to better provide our services leading into the future. The creative industry is always changing and therefore we must change with it. The result change opens up new opportunities for further growth and success.


We have a policy of maintaining a professional approach and conduct with all commissions undertaken. We treat all our clients equally with the same consideration regardless of their wishes or the industry they work in. We believe everyone should have the chance to achieve success with the ventures they pursue.