Found in the Perceptionscape shop 1

This is the first of a series of descriptions of artwork products that are currently available in the Perceptionscape shop.

All the products found in the shop are of high quality poster and stretched canvas prints available in a range of sizes.

Lone Tree

This is a photograph of a lone Rowan tree standing on moorland against a clear blue, winter sky. Even though this photo was taken in winter it still manages to look quiet warm. The Rowan tree is leafless and asleep waiting from the warmth of spring. The tree itself has been stunted due to its exposed location where it is subject to frequent extreme weather. The tree is probably older than it’s height might suggest!

Sunset Silhouette

A mature tree stands silhouetted by a snowy and cold Christmas eve sunset. The clear and cold evening really sets off the colours of this sunset with the sun just a couple of minutes from dropping below the horizon! The darkness of the tree in silhouette gives some stark contrast to the photo.

Magenta Curves

This image is fractal art and is taken from exploring the Mandelbrot set equation. In my opinion it resembles a landscape of sorts with intricate structures on the horizon.

Verdant Waterfall

Water cascades down angular rock ledges into a verdant and green valley. A woodland waterfall with a moorland source taken in late summer.

Space-time Differential

This image is also fractal art and is taken from exploring the Mandelbrot set equation. Looks like the a representation of the difference in two concentrations of gravity across the fabric of space-time.

Bluebell Detail

A close-up of a flowering Bluebell plant with an entire woodland floor carpeted with them in the background. A striking combination of blues and greens that are a delightful sight in a late April British woodland.