Found In The Perceptionscape Shop 2

This is the second of a series of descriptions of artwork products that are currently available in the Perceptionscape shop.

All the products found in the shop are of high quality poster and stretched canvas prints available in a range of sizes.

Altered Circles

This is a bright and colourful composition of overlaying, symmetrical circles. It is mainly flat colour hues with a couple of slightly textured “over-printed look” elements. Will bring a striking dash of colour to any space!

Hardcastle Crags

A photograph taken of Hardcastle Crags River near Hebden Bridge in early summer. Hardcastle Crags is a woodland valley in the Pennines of West Yorkshire, England. Land is owned by the National Trust and is historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Spiral Gem

SpiralGem – A fractal artwork taken from the Mandelbrot set. An intricate set of spiral arms encircle a symmetrical core.

Sunset Sky

The sun sets on a cold winters evening behind some trees. This photo concentrates mainly on the sky with it’s thin, high altitude clouds punctuating the view.

Bracket Fungus

A bracket fungus was found growing from the trunk of a tree. A detailed array of fungal blooms on a leafy and green backdrop.

Event Horizon

A fractal artwork taken from the Mandelbrot set. A mathematical black hole where the fabric of mathematics unravels.