Our Services

Graphic Design Services:

Creation of logo identities, basic business stationary such as business cards, headed letters, compliments slips, headed invoices.

Marketing materials such as fliers, leaflets, posters, menu’s, magazine/newspaper adverts, intended for print.

Online marketing collateral such as advertisement banners, social media posts for Instagram/Pinterest.

Multi-page publications such as brochures, catalogues, single page/multiple pages magazine articles and even entire magazines.

Website Design Services:

Basic website:- Calling card site

Sales of services with call to action, contact forms, social media integration.
Up to 10 pages/functions.

Small E-commerce site – Online shop

Sales of business products and services with calls to action, squeeze page, payment processor integration, contact forms, social media integration.
Up to 50 products/services.
Product image manipulation

Medium E-commerce website – Online shop

Same as small E-commerce site.
Up-to 100 products/services.
Add-ons available for addition products/services listed.

Already have a Website?

That’s great! – We can perform site maintenance, add additional content or even make structural changes to your site if and when required!

Creative Consultancy Service

Ideas generation on a defined subject or idea.
A second opinion on an idea, subject or product to generate additional ideas.

– Kind of like a think tank!

Minimum commission: 8 hours or 1 working days work!

Recommended minimum commission: 3 days.

Having a minimum service gives us time to have a fair run at an idea and gives us the opportunity to “sleep on it”!

How can this service be useful?
It is often beneficial that we talk about or share our thoughts and ideas with others. Although our minds are fantastic at dreaming up new things, we only have one mind and what we can imagine is often restricted by the knowledge and experience accumulated throughout our lifetime. This service gives the opportunity to give the box to someone else to think about.

Overcome a bias,
Gain additional inspiration,
Gain a different viewpoint,

What is this service?
An independent, impartial and secure second opinion on a subject or concept.
An independent, impartial and secure attempt to solve a real world problem.

What do you get with this service?
-Any drawings/illustrations produced.
-Any 3D modeled concepts.
-Any “brainstorms” made that show the creation and progress of the thought process.
-Any notes and documents, be them hand written or digital word processed.
-Any audio or video records of any thoughts or ideas that occur when choosing to use an inner monologue to work through a concept. The audio or video content could be transcribed where applicable.
-Research and reference material corresponding to factual information used as a basis of ideas and possible solutions suggested.
-References to suggested suppliers of products and services that could be used in conjunction with generated ideas.